Cheap International Calls

If you telephone overseas you'll know that your land line operator is seldom the cheapest option and someone told you you can call overseas from only 1p per minute if you switch. You want to save money but on the other hand, the last thing you want is another phone bill each month and why does your calling card always run out at 11pm when the local shop is closed?

But what if you could make international calls from your land line from only 1p per minute, you would be interested wouldn't you?

If you said "Yes" then the good news is our Pay As You Go service allows you to do just that! Simply dial one of our low cost access numbers before your international number and you'll benefit from rates as low as 1p per minute - with no bill other than your land line operators fee and even BT are offering free off-peak local calls, so that 1p per minute really is all you need pay.

UK Mobile Phone Users

Our Topup2Talk service service allows you to make use of your mobile phone. So why not take advantage of those inclusive minutes that you let go to waste, just call the 020 access number and still pay as little as 1p per minute!!

Not in the UK?

We know that you travel overseas, we know this because we like to do it also and that is why we also know how confusing it is trying to figure out how we're going to keep in touch while we're away, most of us will just use our mobile phones and pay the higher fee for 'roaming' But if what puts you off buying a prepaid international phone card is the choice, you'll be pleased to know we offer International Phone Cards from

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